Freelancer/IT-Contractor in Switzerland/Schweiz: SQL Server DBA & BI-Developer/Entwickler (SSIS SSAS SSRS SharePoint ASP.Net C#)

Rates (for agencies):
These are my all-in hourly contracting rates (in CHF) for full-time on-site roles:


Based on the above contracting rates, gross hourly rates for personnel leasing can be calculated using this online wage calculator
Here some pre-calculated examples for your convenience:

ContractingPersonnel leasing 
 CHF 130,- CHF 116.30,-
 CHF 125,- CHF 111.73,-
 CHF 120,- CHF 107.15,-
 CHF 115,- CHF 102.57,-
 CHF 110,- CHF   98,-

Clients within a max. driving radius of 1 hour can interview me on-site. Agencies can interview me only through phone.
To agencies I don't disclose my clients' contact information.

If requested, I'll disclose them to the prospective client after the interview (provided that the client is not an 
IT service provider itself)
The hourly rates shown above are not negotiable.
For contracts with a min. duration of 12 months or longer, I can offer the lower long-term rate only if this clause is included in the contract.

Higher rates apply for:
  • Extensive travelling
  • Consulting / customer-facing roles
  • Working at night, on weekends or on holidays
  • Part-time roles

I can give the agency a confirmation that I won't apply for the same job either directly or through another agency but need to see unequivocal proof that the agency has indeed forwarded my CV to the client.

For EU and UK: 
On weekends I need to return to Switzerland.
Therefore, depending on the project location, distance to the nearest airport and available flight connections, one of the below arrangements might need to be made (shown in the order of my preference):
  • work 4 days/week on site and 1 day/week from home, or
  • leave earlier on Fridays, come in later on Mondays and compensate for the missing hours during the rest of the week, or
  • work 4 days/week on site, 1 day/week off

Bei der Variante Personalverleih ist mir wichtig, dass:
  • die PK aktuell keine Unterdeckung aufweist (d.h. Deckungsgrad >= 100%)
  • das PK-Reglement eine hohe Sparquote (bis hin zum gesetzlichen Maximum von 25%) vorsieht
  • eine Kollektiv-KTG-Versicherung mit kurzer Wartefrist und hoher Deckung existiert
  • die IT-Haftpflichtversicherung des Verleihers die verliehenen Arbeitnehmer mitdeckt

Unterdeckung der PK:
Falls die PK des Verleihers aktuell eine Unterdeckung aufweist, verlange ich eine Defizitgarantie, dass ich im Falle einer Sanierung der PK materiell nicht betroffen sein werde. Ansonsten verlange ich zur Kompensation der finanziellen Folgen der Sanierungsmassnahmen (wie z.B. tiefere Verzinsung und/oder höhere Prämien) einen entsprechend höheren Stundensatz.


As a contractor, I end up doing different things for different clients.
Generally, I do not need any preparation for a technical interview if the skills to be tested are the same as those which I currently use on my present job.
If however the new job involves skills which I've not used recently, I might need some preparation for the technical interview.
This however requires time which I usually don't have when I am working full-time. Therefore potential clients who want to conduct a technical interview, might have to wait up until two weeks past the end of my current contract.

To companies who trust me and are willing to hire me on the basis of my CV + client references (i.e. without a technical interview), I offer a 10% discount for the initial 3 months of the contract. As it will be clear from the above paragraph, this discount only applies if the offered contract involves skills other than those I use at my current job.

1st interview (technical interview)
  • via Phone/Skype/WebEx

2nd interview (non-technical interview)
  • can be on-site if within a max. driving radius of 1 hour

Last update on 16.02.2015